Episode 12 – 6/6/17

Thank you for your patience last week – I had caught my kids’ cold and ended up with laryngitis.  It is hard to record a podcast when you’ve lost your voice!

FOs, Wips, Stash, Pattern Stalking, On the Run, In the Garden, On the Road


Stash Dash has begun!  Which means there are FOs!

Tanwen scarf by Thayer Preece Parker (ilikecake) in Berocco Remix, worsted weight tweed that is a silk/nylon/linen/cotton blend – pattern as written is reversible but I switched it up to make 1 full row knitting only because I rib slowly and knit very quickly so it made the pattern go faster.  This is the 2nd teacher gift for Thing 1’s preschool teachers.  He graduates from preschool on Friday!

Hamilknit Hat – Emily Straw from Knitting Butterflies podcast – using Schachenmayer Baby Smiles a fingering weight cotton.  I love this pattern!!!  Going to cast on a 2nd one soon for a person with a 2 inch bigger head - I think using the same needles and a sport-weight yarn might just do the trick


Empire Top by Lily Go – fitted tunic that crosses across the bust, fits around the rib cage and flairs out with an A-line bottom.  Knitting this in Frogtree Picoboo, which is a discontinued bamboo/cotton blend.  I am NEARLY done with the cross-bust part.  Got a lot done while sick, which worked out well as someone contacted me on Ravelry to ask if I had extra – they had the same dye lot and ran out during an attached edging on a shawl.  Was able to get far enough along to know that I would have at least a skein of leftovers, so I got that skein in the mail

Hitchhiker 3 – back to the blue hitchhiker since I’ve been healthy again, now about 75% complete.  Working on this in Cascade Ultra Pima Sport

Mommy’s Tunic – I am starting a new version of my Mommy’s Tunic pattern in Juniper Moon Farm’s Neve cotton.  I keep wearing my sample, which I really need to stop doing if I want to keep it for shows, but it’s soooooo comfy I need to make a version I can wear.

Stella Maris – Bought the beads and started this lovely lace-weight small shawl.  It’s almost crescent shaped.  Working on it in a hand-dyed gradient kit from Birdie Knits.  I have the Coney Island set which gradiates from turquoise to white.  Shawl starts at the center and works out – started it in the darkest color and it will work out towards the lightest.  Chose this directions because I might not have quite enough yarn in the gradient kit and I have some plain white yarn leftover from my hamilknit hat that I can use to finish the edges


Nettle Grove – cotton/linen/silk/nettle blend

Pattern Stalking

Let’s talk about Romi Hill.  I’ve been drooling about her patterns for years, but never knit one.  I know, it’s my loss.  Being so sick last week, I spent a morning trying to find the perfect pattern for 1000 yards of variegated crimson red lace-weight yarn.  After posting some thoughts/suggestions on Instagram and Twitter, Romi herself responded on twitter regarding her Firebird pattern – and if Romi, herself, says “yes”, who am I to say no?  So I bought the pattern and wound the yarn, but haven’t cast on yet

On the Run

No running, but did a lot of walking this past weekend as we just spent 4 days in Burlington, VT – more on that later.  Heels held up well, so I’m optimistic. 

In The Garden

No gardening this past week, it’s been cold and rainy, but the previous week we got the deck plants and seeds planted.  Tomatoes and peppers live on our deck as it’s sunnier than our veggie garden.  Planted morning glories and nasturtiums in the pots next to the sliding glass door, where we have trellises.  Planted convolvulus and cascading petunias amongst the veggies.  Also planted chamomile, cilantro and basil in the herb garden. 

On the Road

Just returned from 4 days in Burlington, VT.  Lovely time!  IT was the 15th college anniversary for my husband and I and we had a lovely time.  Got to show the boys around our old college and catch up with people we hadn’t seen in years.  Also, caught up with some god friends who are still in the area that we don’t get to see as often as we’d like.  We stayed in a hotel with a pool, which was a HUGE hit with the boys.  Also went to the Echo Center which is a fresh-water aquarium on Lake Champlain – lovely!  And we went to both Magic Hat and Switchback breweries; the Champlain Valley is now full of craft breweries so that was fun!  When we lived up there it was just Magic Hat.

Also – go to Church Street!  Have lunch outdoors in the summer, its wonderful and very kid friendly.


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