Episode 10 – 5/16/17 - we’ve hit double digits!

Considering I’ve listened to podcasts since 2005, and have listened to a few for 10+ years, it seems a little silly to be celebrating 10 episodes but to me if someone reaches the 10 episode mark then it shows they are in it for the long run and to me, I’m more likely to start listening to them.

Welcome to our new international listeners! New listeners from Canada, Bievenue! I suspect I’m related to most of you, lol, I’m half Canadian.  Also Australia, Germany, Sweden and India!  Wilkomen! Tak! Dhanyabad – ok, that last was Nepali, not Hindi, but I speak Nepali (or used to).  Languages are a hobby of mine so forgive me for geeking out about listeners abroad.

FYI - No FOs until Stash Dash starts


PALKAL2017 – annual KAL by Actually Knitting podcast, it’s a podcaster KAL and I’m super proud to be a sponsor.  I’m offering a prize and a discount code.  Use code PALKAL2017 for 25% off ALL Ravelry patterns now through September 1, 2017.  Thanks for the shout-out on yesterday’s episode, Michelle!

Stash Dash – annual KAL by TheKnitGIrllls.  “Race” against yourself to knit a certain distance.  Prizes in the following distances: 1K, 3K, 5K, 10K.  I’m aiming for 5K, but will probably end up in the 3K.

Splash Pad Party from Down Cellar Studio – I’m back again this year as a sponsor donating a prize.  Summer themed KAL with lots of prizes all summer long.


Empire Top – Lily Go – frogtree picboo, a discontinued cotton/linen blend.  Now roughly 5 inches tall

Tanwen – Thayer Preece, ilikecake

Hitchiker 1 – Valley Yarns Greylock, 100% Cashmere about halfway

Hitchiker 3 – Cascade Ultra Pima Fine in a blue-green color, about halfway

CO Hamilknit Hat

Fishy Sweater


Birdie Yarns – gradient kit, Ocean View

5 skeins of Old Glory, hand died pretty much the exact colors of the actual Star Spangled banner, a faded navu blue and red, with a hint of white in places.

Pattern Stalking

Maris Stella Lace Shawl by Anna Victoria – eyeing this for the gradient kit I just received



Poema by Vera Sanon, knit in Be Sweet’s Bamboo

Vivian  by Ysolda Teague in Plymouth Yarn’s Covington, 100% mercerized cotton

In The Garden

Resurrected most of the seedlings I dried out!  Too cold and rainy for me to plant – a really crappy week.  Cold drizzle almost all week – felt like April!  Mother’s Day was only 46!!!  Today it’s 78 and it’ll be 90 on Thursday.  In New England if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 min.

On The Run

Still walking half mile per day.  Also, getting lots more mobility back in my ankle, yay!

Also, Color Run 5K as a family.  Thing 1 wants to run a race like mommy and daddy and this is not timed, so he can walk (or be carried)

Out And About

Burlington, VT 1st weekend in June

SSK retreat July 20-23

Canada!  First week in August in Nova Scotia visiting family

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