Episode 11 – Knitting on the Run Podcast

Knitting in 30 minutes or less, plus some running and gardening

Today’s segments include wearables, wips, kals, knitting fail,  in the garden, on the run, out and about


Thoughts by Joji Locatelli knit in Araucania Yumbrel


Tanwen – Thayer Preece, ilikecake – about 40 inches, 20ish to go

Hitchiker 1 – Valley Yarns Greylock, 100% Cashmere ___ points

Hitchiker 3 – Cascade Ultra Pima Fine in a blue-green color, ____ points

Hamilknit Hat – finished 3rd row of lettering.  Hat nos says “oceans rise, empires fall”, “burn”, “talk less, smile more”

Fishy Sweater


PALKAL2017 – annual KAL by Actually Knitting podcast, it’s a podcaster KAL and I’m super proud to be a sponsor.  I’m offering a prize and a discount code.  Use code PALKAL2017 for 25% off ALL Ravelry patterns now through September 1, 2017.  Thanks for the shout-out on yesterday’s episode, Michelle!

Stash Dash – annual KAL by TheKnitGIrllls.  “Race” against yourself to knit a certain distance.  Prizes in the following distances: 1K, 3K, 5K, 10K.  I’m aiming for 5K, but will probably end up in the 3K.

Splash Pad Party from Down Cellar Studio – I’m back again this year as a sponsor donating a prize.  Summer themed KAL with lots of prizes all summer long.

Knitting Fail

Screwed up the Tanwen scarf again  There’s a garter stitch section and I purled it on the back instead of knit.  Twice.  Dropped down 6 rows for one, other was 4 inches [10cm] down – I’m going to duplicate stitch over it

In the Garden

Deck coming together – tomatoes, peppers, basil and flowers.  Had “helpers”  Took twice as long but they had fun

Also, got chamomile, cilantro and basil seedlingds in the herb garden

Planted cucumber and watermelon seedlings in the garden

On the Run

Finally got to progress past half a mile!  Unfortunately I’ve had pain in my foot and Achilles tendon.  Gonna talk to my physical therapist about it tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it’s nothing major.  I want to run!

Out And About

Cape Cod this weekend

Burlington, VT 1st weekend in June

SSK retreat July 20-23

Canada!  First week in August in Nova Scotia visiting family




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