Episode 9 – Chaos – 5/9/17

It’s been chaos.  Kids with allergies not sleeping, Thing 1 ends up with a sinus infection, car repairs, physical therapy running late repeatedly, pattern to tech editor late.  Just chaos.


Tanwen – Thayer Preece Parker, aka ilikecake.  Love the pattern, love the yarn but maybe these two aren’t a good combination.  Mentioned last week that I had to switch needles – still getting sore hands.  Only doing 1-2 inches per day.  At 21 inches, only 39 remain

Hitchiker 1 – 100% Cashmere, Greylock by Valley Yarns – 22 points

Hitchiker 2 – pink Ultra Pima Sport using  a 6-row repeat – 45 points; set aside for Stash Dash 2017

Hitchiker 3 – blue Ultra Pima Fine using 6-row repeat – 11 points

Empire Top by Lily Go in Frogtree Picoboo – discontinued Cootn/bamboo blend – about 4.5” tall.  Raglan tunic than criss-crosses in front of bust – still a looooong way to go.

DYING TO KNIT SOMETHING FOR MYSELF – have a queue, 1 more hitchiker and 3 Hamilton hats need to get done, not to mention my design work.  but all I want to do is make myself something pretty, so I will.

Knitting Fail

At Thing 1’s swimming lesson – wasn’t paying attention to the cables and missed the 2nd of t C4F cables…. Didn’t catch it till 8 rows later.  Oops!


Thoughts, by Joji Locatelli on Araucania Yumbrel laceweight

Mommy’s Tunic – Be Sweet Bamboo

Vivian – Ysolda Teague in Plymouth Yarn Covington


not so much – taking plants in and out and in and out.  Cold weather this week (for May)

Dried out seedlings.  Doh!

On The Run

I got to walk!  Last week I got permission to start walking ½ mile – done it 3 times now, so far so good!  Huge increases in ankle range of motion, visible changes in my foot (long story).  Hoping to be able to start running later this month.  But I need new shoes!


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