Episode 14 – 6/22/17

Segments this week include Wips, Knitting Fail, Out and About, On the Run, In the Garden

Recording late this week because family was up visiting.


Lots and lots!  Had car trouble and a few doctor’s appointments which means I had some extra knitting time.

Hitchhiker 1 – green Valley Yarns Greylock, 100% cashmere.  About 85% complete.  Can’t work a full point with the cashmere because it’s getting wider with each point, but getting a little done every day

Hitchhiker 4 – purple Cascade Ultra Pima Fine 100% cotton about 25% complete.  Bringing this one as purse knitting – even knitting on an exercise bike while warming up at physical therapy

Stella Maris Shawl – gradient kit from Birdie’s Knits in the Ocean View colorway.  Reached Chart 4 and color 6 of 8.  Might not run out of yarn after all!

2nd Hamilknit Hat – husband’s coworker asked me to knit her one after seeing mine.  She is lovely and knitworthy, so I’m about 40% done with it.  And – bonus – I brought it into to Boston last Friday and she tried it on and it fit well!  More on Boston later.

Mommy’s Tunic – I started the cable band weeks ago but put it down to get other stuff done.  Picked it up again this week and am about 75% done.  Planning on finishing it tomorrow and picking up stitches for the bodice this weekend.

Knitting Fail

Twice in the last week I’ve had to unravel/frog the Stella Maris shawl.  First time was last Saturday at knitting group.  I dropped a stitch while chating with a former Nashville resident about my upcoming SSK trip and didn’t notice until the next row.  Had to frog 3 rows. 

Got that back, was on the next-to-last row of Chart 4 and realized I’d dropped a stitch the row before.  I spent 30 minutes trying to re-work it without frogging, because my last lifeline was the end of Chart 3.  But no.  Couldn’t quite do it.  So I frogged rows 82-92.  Argh!  I’m back up to row 87 now and since the rows are so big I’m putting a lifeline in after every other RS row.  I am not frogging 10 rows again – especially when there are only 98 rows, I was SOOOOOO close to finishing!

Out and About

Sail Boston!  We went into Boston last Friday and saw many of the tall ships in town for the Sail Boston event.  We started at the Aquarium (had to sneak in one last visit before our membership expired), visited my husband at his office, then walked the waterfront to see all the ships in South Boston.  We even walked all the way to the huge Navy ship at Fort Point – if you know Boston, the USS Whidby Island was at the point north east of the cruise ship terminal.  Yeah, my feet hurt a lot after all those miles.  And yes, my PT wasn’t terribly thrilled with me. 

Upcoming events:

I’ll be heading to Cape Cod to visit my parents for the 4th of July and checking out one of my favorite knitting stores, A Great Yarn in Chatham MA.  It’s actually a yarn shop and book store.   Be still my beating heart, it’s a perfect combination!

I’ll be attending SSK retreat by The Knit Girllls in Nashville, TN July 20-23.  Very excited!  I’ve never been to a knitting retreat before and I am seriously looking forward to some relaxation, classes with Ann Budd and Lee Meredith, and lots of knitting and barbecue.

In August I’ll be heading up to Nova Scotia, Canada to visit family.  My Great Aunt is 103 and we haven’t been up to visit since she turned 100.  Definitely time to go back and introduce Thing 2 to his cousins.

On the Run

I walked at least 7 miles in Boston last Friday, much to my physical therapist’s chagrin.  But it did give us some important info.  I’ve been an extreme overpronator my whole life, which means when I walk my ankles roll inward.  With all the extra mobility and strengthening I suddenly found myself supinating – or having my ankles roll outward!  So I’m testing walking around without my orthotic inserts and so far so good.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I would be so happy to be able to buy shoes and not worry about inserts any more.

In the Garden

Our first berries have ripened!  We had about a dozen gooseberries.  If you’ve never had a gooseberry, they’re hard to explain.  They’re round and sort of greenish purple and make GREAT jam because they’re super sour.  Eating them raw is an acquired taste but I grew up eating them at my grandparent’s place up in Nova Scotia.  Homemade gooseberry jam is amazing.

Our blueberries are getting close to ripening and we have tons of tiny raspberries on our bushes.  After the drought of the past 2 years it is so nice to have a glut of berries again.

Tomato plants on the deck have literally doubled in size this week what with all the sun.  Maybe we’ll finally get some veggie garden crops soon too – all the cold rain last month stunted everything.

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