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Episode 7 - 4/25/2017

Guest appearance by Dubz the Cat


Mommy’s Tunic

Must be member of Ravelry group to win, 1 entry per person, answer the question in the opening post of Ravelry thread.  Lock thread May 1st. Winner announced the next podcast

FOs –

finished the linen sweater! Its washed and blocked (aka washer and dryer) but no buttons or grosgrain ribbon yet

Robin Shawl done!  By Lee Meredith in Kinu silk by Ito Yarns – 612 yards


New –Tanwen by Thayer Preece, aka ilikecake, a reversible scarf.  Don’t want to giveaway secret sauce, she uses ribbing to make it reversible, but I rib slowly, so I changed those sections to stockinette to add speed – need to give it away June 9th!

Pattern Stalking

Changing Staircases by Trysten Molina a Harry Potter themed shawl with “Stairs” of knitting and lace that increase lengths.  I saw it on Deb Brown’s Instagram page and LOVED it

Out And About

Stitches United this Thursday – Sunday April 27-30; Stitches United is a show featuring knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing, quilting, embroidery and cross-sttch. I will be there Sunday for a photography class by Shanon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby in the afternoon and hanging around the market in the morning.  I'll be wearing my pink Mommy's Tunic - stop by and say hello!

In The Garden

Got out in the garden! Planted lots of seeds – carrots, parsnips, turnips & beets; sugar snap peas; kale; Brussel sprouts

Started seeds for more tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon & impatiens

Supplies to mend fence

On the Run

Still no running allowed, cleared to walk a little – half a mile!  But it’s something.  As I mentioned I have 30 year old scar tissue from surgery as a baby causing some problems in my ankle and when the scar tissue releases your ankle has to re-learn how to use all the muscles and tendons so you have to be careful until you build up more strength

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Episode 6


Robin Shawl by Lee Meredith – on last section! Teacher’s gift for son’s pre-school teacher – she wears lots of grey and lots of shawls and the 2 colors of Ito’s Kinu 100% silk are a light gray and a charcoal gray

Linen sweater – finished back and button band; bought buttons and grosgrain ribbon – still needs short sleeves

Empire Top by Lily Go – got a few more rows done on Friday

Hithicker Shawl by Martina Behm – Valley Yarns Greylock, 100% cashmere fingering weight  - 4 points done so far


Forgot to list one bought last week at Webs – Berocco Remix, a recycled yarn made of 30% Nylon/27% Cotton/24% Acrylic/10% Silk/9% Linen  in color Strawberry.  For the 2nd and last teacher’s project of this year – going to be a cabled scarf for head teacher

In the Garden

Got some seeds planted in the garden! – lettuce, mesculin greens, swiss chard – first round of each.  Hoping to get out more this week and plant carrots, kale, parsnips, turnips and sugar snap peas


Knitting Fail

Robin shawl – I dropped a stitch at PT yesterday and didn’t realize it, but it only dropped about 4 rows.  Thankfully it’s like a raw silk and very grabby so it didn’t go far.  I laddered it back up and at the end I’ll cut a piece of yarn to lock it in place and weave the ends in.  Then I decided to take a closer look… and found 2 more dropped stitches further down that I hadn’t noticed!!!  How long have I been knitting???


Mommy’s Tunic

Must be member of Ravelry group to win, 1 entry per person, answer the question in the opening post.  Lock thread May 1st. Winner announced the next podcast

On the Run

No running – lots of PT.  Lots of scar tissue release which is helpful but can feel worse than rolling out your IT bands!

Plus – BOSTON MARATHON!  I’m a local girl, born and raised in the Boston suburbs, I watched the race growing up and I would love to run someday as a charity runner, but it’s unlikely.   I am waaaaaaaay to slow to qualify.  When the boys are a little older I’d love to take them in to watch the race, once we don’t need a wheelchair.  Race security is tight, especially near the finish line, since the bombing.

So I should probably answer the obvious questions – no, I was not in Boston when the bombs went off but my husband was, several friends and a cousin were.  All were safe, thankfully.

Plus, I go on a little soap box about how awesome runners are.  But I’m biased.

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Episode 5

Find me online at Ravelry as WindsweptMonique, on Twitter as WindsweptDes, on Instagram as WindsweptKnits  or email me ar


FO update - Gave Space shuttle baby blanket to cousins – HUGE hit!!!  Cousin brian and I both wanted to be astronauts as kids.  Brian has claimed it as his own until the baby arrive.



Empire Top by Lily GO – Froogtree Picoboo bamboo/cotton blend, discontinued

Linen lace sweater – split for arm holes.  Finished right front panel and ½ way through left front panel

Got new size 3 interchangeable tips - Robin by Lee Meredith (aka Leethal) in Ito’s Kinu 100% silk


Knitting Fail

I can’t count.  3 years of calculus and I can’t divide by 4!  Started fishy sweater with 144sts but it was too big; changed to 120 sts for a 24” circumference.  Went to start fishies and I had the 144-number stuck in my head so I made the fishies too big and didn’t notice till I started fish # 3.  Oh well

Stash – WEBS!!!!

Annual pilgrimage to Webs!  Picked up elsebeth Lavold’s hempathy for an upcoming design project, plus yarn for 5 gifts – 2 shawls and a hat.  I Cascade’s Ultra Pima Fine in silver, dark periwinkle (dark purple) and Wine (bright pink).  The silver is for 2 Hamilknit hats and the pink and purple are for hitchhiker shawls for friends.

1 skein of Valley Yarns Greylock, 100% cashmere fingering weight – for another Hitchiker shawl.

Hitchiker Shawls are for a family that is having a rough last year, one is very sick.  Cashmere is for her, cotton shawls for rest of family.


On The Run

Started PT – no running and no extra walking for next 2 weeks or so; need to rest heel.  Also, they found something interesting with my foot mechanics (caught it before it became a problem) so I have extra exercises and they’re going to treat that as well

In The Garden

We got out in the garden! Finally Spring!  Added compost to all the beds and put weed control fabric over them – with 2 smalle kids I am NOT weeding this year


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Episode 4

Recording a day late because we took the boys to Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park


Linen sweater – euroflax sport - finished bust increases, nearly to split for underarms

Empire top by lily go – frogtree picoboo, discontinued bamboo/cotton blend still on yoke.  Got a few rows done while I waited to check in on Sunday while my husband ran my boys around somewhere in the hotel.  Thank heavens for purse knitting!

New fishy sweater – bottom ribbing, started short-row fishies - Neve by Juniper Moon Farm

Swatched for Copperplate by Elizabeth Doherty – yarn didn’t look good at gauge

Swatched for Even Flow by Joji Locatelli – couldn’t achieve gauge with the yarn


3 skeins of Neve by Juniper Moon Farm in bright blue, spring green, dark peachey colors.  Chainette yarn instead of regular plied yarn.  Liking it alot so far.

Dress Form mannequin!

Knitting Fail

Knitting Fail

Screwed up garter st edging on Empire Top – had to frog 2 rows

Knitting group fail.  First, I swatched for Even Flow by Joji Locatelli – also, yarn didn’t look good at gauge.  Second I pulled out the linen sweater – had left needle points at home after swatching for th Copperplate sweater :(  So I bought the Neve yarn and started Thing 2's fishy sweater

Upcoming Events

April 8th at Webs in the morning

April 30th at Stitches United in Hartford

On The Run

No running this week - turns out you can get bursitis in your heel and I have it in both!  I start Physical Therapy tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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