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Episode 26 – 11/21/17 - Knitting and Running in 30 min or les

Calling this one “Unexpected Rhinebeck Hiatus”

This will be a short episode, as you can hear from my voice I’m still a little under the weather.  I just wanted to record a new episode so you know I haven’t pod-faded.  If you’re new to the show, I’ll be back with a regular episode, as long as my children co-operate.

Which leads me to my 2-minute health update.  I wasn’t planning on taking a hiatus after Rhinebeck, but since then

  • Our household has been hit by 2 different viruses, both of which lef to 
  • Laryngitis
  • Toddler started getting molars
  • I threw my back out again
  • Moved the toddler out of the crib because he started climbing out

Quick Rhinebeck Chat

I do want to say a big “thank you” to everyone I met, it was so much fun to see everyone and spend a day with some great fiber folks.

I’ve had several people ask me about the Webs bus, so I will give you a quick recap.

For the Webs bus to Rhinebeck this year it was $50 (if I remember correctly), they ask you to get there about 30 minutes early and they had breakfast of local apple cider donuts waiting for everyone inside the store.  Once the busses arrived we all boarded three very nice coaches.  One note – please don’t be late if you take a bus.

En route everyone received a free skein of yarn for Lorna’s Laces.  Also there were about 10-12 raffles on our bus.  Prizes included stuff like yarn, project bags and several with cash for you to spend at Rhinebeck!  Each bus had 2 Webs guides and ours were so much fun!

We were dropped off right near the main entrance around 10ish, if I remember correctly and we had to be back aboard the bus by 3:45, so we did get most of the day at the festival.

That’s all for this week, thanks for putting up with my croaky voice today.  I wish all those of you in the US a very Happy Thanksgiving and I hope to be back to my normal recording schedule next week, providing my toddler naps.


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