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40: Sick Days

Episode 40 – Knitting and Running in 30 min or less – 6/12/18

Segments this week include Thank Yous, Wips, FOs, Spinning, and On The Run

Thank you SOOOO much for your patience with our wonky recording schedule the past few weeks.  Our house has been wiped out by a virus or two.  We are down to 1 toddler with conjunctivitis and that is an improvement!  Those of you who have ever tried to wrestle medicine into a toddler’s eye truly understand what I mean when I say this is an improvement! Lol

Also, I want to say a HUGE thanks to Tracie and Barb for mentioning my show on their podcast, 2 Knit Lit Chicks.  I’ve been a listener for years and being an introvert I’m a lurker on their boards on Ravelry.  I love, love, love, books so I always look forward to hearing what they are reading.  If you love reading and knitting, please go subscribe right now.  Also, thank you to Tracie and Barb for enabling my love of True Crime.  My husband doesn’t get it but you lovely ladies do.  Although after all I’ve read I’m seriously debating some karate or defense lessons!


Thanks to my long recording delay I have 3!

The Addition By Subtraction Mystery Knit A Long, I am done!  I used Ito Yarn’s Washi in the Crocus colorway, a pale purple.  This is a Japanese style paper yarn, laceweight, and I held it double.  The dark is Ito Yarn’s Kinu, a laceweight silk in the Grey colorway and I held it double.  And the pink was Ito Yarn’s Kinu in the Plum colorway (I don’t know why it was named plum – are plums in Japan pink?  The ones we grew as kids were a deep purple)  The zany color is a fingering weight cotton,  Your Crazy is Showing from Birdie’s Knits.  Total Stash Dash so far is 3137m (more on the rest later)

I finished the first sock of my 52-st vanilla sock!  I used the Fish Lips Kiss Heel and so far it seems to be the best fitting sock I’ve knit. I can’t wait till the 2nd is done and I can wear these around a bit and make sure they fit!

I finished spinning 4oz of EZ Spin cotton   I ended up with 518 yards of fingering weight so with the “orifice” rule that gives me 1423.2 m for Stash Dash. 



Lots of wips despite the sickness

Here be Dragons! The Green Dragons Sweater is back  - I pulled out the Dancing Dragons Coat by Heike Campbell  which I haven’t worked on since my finger injury derailed me for over a month.  Knit in Be Sweet’s Bamboo

Changing Staircases shawl by Jenga Knits.  This is a shawl inspired by the Harry Potter books, the way the staircases are constantly changing and I’m working on it in Mousou a 100% bamboo yarn from The FiberLady.  I’m about 75% done so I’m hoping to finish soon.


Blue Dahlia pattern by Brenda York.  Garter stitch to stockinette colorwork.  Juniper Moon Farms Neve in Lagoon colorway from my LYS that closed.

52 st sock – 2nd sock I’m working on the foot


Lots of spinning!  I finally figured out my wheel, yay!!!  I also started spinning 2oz of one of my Cotton Club Shipments from Hipstrings.  I think this one is named Dewdrops – can’t find the card.  Jill used melting snow to make this colorway unique and it really is.  White blues and purples with drops of green-ish yellow in spurts throughout.  I’m halfway through and I will be making a 2-ply yarn out os this.  Next up I’ll be trying a 3-ply yarn to see what my knitting preference is before embarking on spinning for a garment.


Running has pretty much disappeared the last 10 days.  We all got sick.  Will I do the Chatham Harbor Run in 2 weeks or not?

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