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After a conversation with a certain special someone at breakfast yesterday, we decided to record a quick episode live from my parent’s house with him as a very special guest.

Apologies for the sound quality, we recorded on a lanai and I don’t have all my regular software here to edit, but this opportunity was too good to pass up 😍

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Episode 54 – 12/5/18 Knittin & Running in 30 min or less I am WindsweptMonique and today’s segments include: Be A Helper KAL, FOs, Wips, Pattern Stalking, Wearables, On the Run and Running Talk about wearable fitness trackers and accuracy.

Be A Helper KAL

Started on December 5th but I didn’t record last week because Christmas shopping (had to buy all presents by last Saturday – long story) and laryngitis.  If you finished a WIP for charity on or after December 5th go ahead and enter it.

  • Any thing made for any charity – not just ravelry crafts
  • Donate blood
  • Wips count
  • FO Thread is here


  • Free pattern from Jennifer Lassonde of Downcellar Studios
  • 1 skein Cascade 220 in an orangey peach color from an anonymous donor and a mini skein of merino – thank you very much, donor!
  • I’m offering up 1 skein of Shibui Reed


Kippah made from handspun cotton from Hipstrings, in the Break Of Day colorway, blues and orange using the To Life pattern by Sarah Jordan, aka PAKnitWit


Tan House Brooke Shawl by Jennifer Lassonde of Down Cellar Studio in my most recent handspun, Midseason Cliffhanger and Recurrent Theme cotton slivers,  from fiber from Hipstrings

Icon Dress by Kari-Helene Rane in some very old stash that I want to get rid of.  Reached 6th set of decreases in Front of dress

New hat for Thing 2 (not xmas gift) – in Valley Yarn’s Southwick.  I’m using the green as the contrast ribbed brim, then the purple that Thing 2 chose as the body of the hat.  No pattern, just knitting to his head size.  Folded brim so it will grow with him.  About 3/4 way through folded ribbing

Find Your Fade shawl.  I’m on section , the 2nd lace section and still in color #1, the raspberry-dyed handspun cotton that I’ve mentioned in past episodes

New socks, these are an un-Christmas gift that I will mail to Maura in January.  I’m knitting these up in CoBaSi, which is a cotton, bamboo, silk, nylon blend that is super stretchy and breathes beautifully on sweaty feet.  The toes, cuffs and heels are a blue/gray blend called Wave Caps, and the foot and leg in a gray named Seattle Sky.

Pattern Stalking

I bought 4 patterns during the Indie Designers Gift-a-long sale:

Tan House Brooke, mentioned above by Jennifer Lassonde

Willowbrooke shawl by Brenda Castiel

Heroes of Yarnia RPG Scarf from last year’s MKAL by Tania Richter

Harry Potter and the Strange Persistent Font by Mary Annarella


Twist and Shout cabled hat by Michelle DuNaier

Frosted sweater by Paper Daisy Creations

Changing Staircases by Dragon Hoard Designs in Fiber Lady’s Mousou bamboo

Dahlia by Brenda York for Berocco Yarns

On The Run

I’ve run a few times in the last 2 weeks.  I’ve also gone for a few swims and boy do I need a swimming cap!  Last time I went swimming it was 25F out (-4C) and that is just too cold to have soaking wet, long hair.

Running Talk – Fitbits and other trackers

On my last episode I mentioned that I like having a fitbit because it keeps me honest and a listener, Marie, wrote in saying she’d heard that the data isn’t accurate and wanted to know how I used it.


Thanks very much for writing in Marie.  If you have a question about fitness, running, knitting, patterns, GALs or anything else feel free to write in.  You can reach on Ravelery or Instagram as WIndsweptMonique or email me at  My website is and you can find this podcast and shownotes there as well as all my designs and a few other fun projects I’ve worked on, like how to make the R2-D2 sweater I knit for my son last year.

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