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59 - Monty Python Illness

Episode 59  - Monty Python Illness - Knitting and running in 30 min or less

Hello!  Yes, I am still alive!  My house has been incredibly ill since Christmas.  Nothing particularly serious, but at least one person in our house has been sick since Christmas – unfortunately, that counted me over the last 4 weeks.  I’ve had 2 viruses and strep throat.  Fun times!  Thanks kids.

No pod-faded, I’m back

Be A Helper KAL

 Extended to Feb 28 

Racism in knitting

 We have work to do.  You are welcome here.  My 1 rule is be kind to others.


3 preemie hats, 2 from CC Almon’s free pattern, 1 from Sarah Jordan’s Itty Bitty Kitty

Sample for new pattern, a sleeveless top in sizes 34”-52” currently at tech editor.  Worked in DK, will be looking for test knitters soon



2 more preemie hats, 1 from each pattern mentioned earlier

Changing Staircases shawl

New socks for me

On the Run

Not much running, but some walking and a little swimming.  Record in the pool is ½ mile, but after illness I dropped back to ¼ mile and swam 1/3 mile today.  Slowly ans steadily getting back up there.


Debating doing a local triathalon in June.




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