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Episode 60 – Thank yous, FO, Wips, Wearables, Out and About, On the Run, Fitness Talk, Knitting Talk

Apologies for sound – laptop died.  Recording this on travel mic in my car.  Need to get an amp to get my mic to work with old laptop.  Hopefully I’ll have it all sorted before next recording.

Thank yous

Thanks for bearing with me during this last delay.  Turns out the antibiotics did not get rid of strep throat, I was sick again a week after they ended and back at the doctor to get something stronger.  Feeling better now!

Big thank you to my test knitters!  I have one test knit winding up in the next few weeks, with pattern ready to release in early April and I’ve lucked into some amazing test knitters this time.  You ladies are wonderful!  Also, if you have any interest in summer knit tops, I have 2 coming out in the next 2 months, so be sure to visit and join my email list for access to the best discount codes.  I promise to only email once or twice a month at most and to never, ever share your data with a 3rd party.  No spam, no selling your data, I promise.  That’s a personal pet peeve of mine.


Rhinebeck ShawlChanging Staircases pattern by Dragon Hoard Yarns knit up in bamboo/cotton fingering yarn from Great Adirondach Yarn Co


Matchy-matchy socks

2 preemie hats, 1 held single, 1 held double

2 new patterns, a shawl and a cowl


All the shawls – Rhinebeck, murder mystery knit along, tan house brook, changing staircases,
Sweaters - Frosted, Second Grace
Boys wearing star wars adaptation of Nordic Yoke pullover from Patons, Thing 2 grew into Thing 1’s Monomoy Sweater, still fits in an ancient sweater I knit for Thing 1, pattern no longer exists, I forget the name.

Pattern Stalking

Ice Time Hat and Cowl set from Jennifer Lassonde of Down Cellar Studio.  Full disclosure – Jen gifted them to me for free, but I’d seen her photos and loved this hat even before she sent it to me.  

Knitting Talk

Fiber allergies. 

Out and About

  • Wayland Farm and Fiber, met Boston Jen again. Wearing her Tan House Brooke shawl!
  • CT sheep and wool April 27 Vernon, CT – not sure if I can make it
  • Sheepshearing festival, Gore Place, April 27th, Waltham, MA
  • NH SHeel & Wool May 11-12
  • Wool Days, Old Sturbridge Village, May 25-27
  • MA sheep and woolcraft fair, May 25 Cummington, MA

On the Run

Actually ran!  Well, run-walk-run 1 mile Jeff Galloway-style, when the pool closed suddenly on Monday.  Swam 20 laps Wednesday, a new record for me .55 miles (.88km)

Fitness Talk

Tennis ball used like a foam roller on deep/fleshy muscles

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