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Ep 104 recorded 3/2/22

Segments this week include: Be A Helper Craft A Long, FOs, Wips, Out and About, and I’ve Got Sunshine.  A note on showlinks – all links to Ravelry are clearly labelled as such and all links for yarn are directly to the dyer’s website.

Be A Helper Craftalong

2 weeks to go – please note Ukrainian charities do not need goods or handmade items from the USA.  It takes too much effort and cost to ship them to Ukraine.  If you can, please donate instead to vetted charities.  There are several with boots on the ground such as World Central Kitchen, Save the Children, Doctors Without B orders, Ukrainian Red Cross, Nova Ukraine.

6th Be A Helper Craft-a-long has begun! We keep the rules simple.

  • Anything you make for any charity counts, doesn’t have to be knit/crochet/woven or spun. ANYthing you make for ANY charity.
  • One FO per submission
  • Donating blood counts too!
  • Contest ends when I wake up March 15 and close the form/thread.
  • Wips are always welcome
  • Partial FOs count, for example if you make a blanket strip and your local yarn shop sews them together to make full blankets, count your blanket strip.

One change this year – due to ongoing accessibility issues on Ravelry, I’ll hold this event both on and off Ravelry.  Last year we just used a  Google Form and that was hard for some folks, so this year there will be a chat thread and an FO thread on Rav, and for non-Rav users I’ll have a google form where you can link to your IG/FB/Twitter post showing your FO.

Link to submit your Finished Object/blood donation: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf08z2uqelVGeUBkm0fofQGveThChBBZzaMvNsRdlPlMzhbgA/viewform?usp=sf_link


Knights Who Say Knit by Mary Annarella of Lyrical Knits – finished, finished, finished.  I brought it to my stitching night and wove in most of the ends, finishing the next day.  Bloxking could be a problem with one yarn that ran when blocking.  Color catcher?

Lotus Mandala Vest by Morale Fiber, crochet vest.  A round vest with armholes.  I’m using scraps of Lion Brand Truboo, Berroco Modern Cotton and the discontinued Kertzer Down To Earth Cotton


Recalibrate Top by Shana Lines using Nomad Yarn’s hand dyed cotton/rayon Gelato yarn.  This has been my stress knitting since Russia invaded Ukraine so I’ve gotten a LOT on this done. Finished left side and joined with “sleeve”, started right side – more in Knitting Fail. 

Earthrise, a new pattern of mine inspired by the famous Nasa photo when the astronauts first circled behind the moon and came around back towards earth and photographed the earth rising over the surface of the moon.  It’s an awe-inspiring photo.   

I started a second Lotus Mandala during the Knitathon in sparkly leftovers from the Priestess Coat I crocheted last year.  

Papillon/Butterfly shawl by MarinJa Knits, I finished section 19

As you Wish MKAL by Mary Annarella of Lyrical Knits.  This is a Princess Bride themed mystery knitalong that will eventually result in a rectangular shawl.  

Winona by Brenda Castiel in handspun from Hipstrings

I’ve started spinning handspun yarn for the winner of my drawing for the Knitathon.  Cranky knees mean slow going, but I’m putting in about 15 minutes a day in 5-min segments.

Knitting Fail

Recalibrate top – issues!  Issues with me, not the pattern. 

Out and About

Vogue Knitting Live Vogue Knitting Live @ Home Mar 17-20. 

GGKCS podcast is having their annual Sheepy Spring AL, visit their FB page for more details.

Stitches at Home Stitches West in person Mar 3-6 2022.

CT Sheep and Wool April 30, 2022

NH Sheep and Wool May 14 & 15, 2022

If you have any events you’d like me to share please email me windsweptmonique@gmail.com

I’ve Got Sunshine

There’s no I’ve got Sunshine this week, just a plea to please help your fellow humans.

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