Episode 72 1/22/20

Be a helper, wips, knitting fail, wearables, pattern stalking, out and about

Be a Helper Craftalong

4th Be A Helper Craft-a-long has begun! We keep the rules simple.

  • Anything you make for any charity counts, doesn’t have to be knit/crochet/woven or spun. ANYthing you make for ANY charity.
  • One FO per photo in the FO thread
  • Donating blood counts too - post a photo of your bandaid or of you drinking OJ afterwards, something like that.
  • FO Thread closes when I wake up April 1st.
  • Wips are welcome

One more new prize to announce, a pattern from Jennifer Lassonde of Down Cellar Studio!  Thanks so much, Jen!

Wips – lots these last 2 weeks!

Preemie hat – about half way through my first for the year.

Aggregate Shawl – I’ve reached the end of the shawl as written, but I have more yarn left.  I’m continuing in the pattern as established until I run out of yarn.

Matchy Socks – nearly to the cuff

Dress – The handmade dress I’ve been working on is coming along nicely.  I’ve split for armholes and I’m nearly done with the front left strap.  

South Woods – started a new sweater for myself, South Woods by River Road Knits .  I’m using some old stash yarn for the lace underlayer and my handspun for the main body of the sweater, which leads me to…

Kitting Fail

Be careful not to twist!


My birthday weekend was incredibly warm, topping out at 74F (23C) whereas our highs should hover right around freezing.  So I wore lots of warm-weather handknits, like one of my Mommy’s Tunic samples and the Lace Sweater 01 from Vogue Knitting Magazine designed by Brooke Nico.  Knit this in a cone of 5/2 bamboo from Webs years ago.  The pattern is a lace coat, nearly knee-length, and I wore it as a jacket out for my birthday dinner.

Since then, it’s been COLD.  I’ve also worn Frosted sweater by Paper Daisy Creations and lots of shawls, including Changing Staircases, Pont du Marais and Use Your Stash Shawls, both designed by me.  Also my boys and I have all worn some handknit socks, all made using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel.  I;m wearing my Twist and Shout had by Michele duNaier nearly every day.  My youngest has worn the Monomoy Sweater several times and wears his Bermuda Hat every day.  And I’ve worn the Dancing Dragons Coat – it makes a great indoor layer on super cold days.

Pattern Stalking

Thing 2 want’s a new sweater, another hat, Halloween socks and Christmas socks and I keep thinking about knitting another Hitofude. 

Out and About

Wayland Winter Farmers Market Fiber Days – Jan 26 & Mar 1

Boston Farm & fiber Fest – Feb 9

Stitches United - March 26-29, 2020

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