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Episode 68 recording on 11/20/19 today’s segments include New Patterns, Wips, FOs, Wearables and Rhinebeck Recap.

Pattern Release

Send Me That Horizon launched on Monday. 

I’ve always loved the sea. I grew up near the ocean, with both sets of grandparents living a few dozen feet from the water. Playing on the beach, listening to the waves, sailing on a boat, hiking along ocean-side cliffs – I love anything involving the sea. But nothing is the same as being far from shore with no land in sight. I love seeing the horizon taper off to meet the ocean waves; so when I first watched the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie and Captain Jack Sparrow looked into the distance and murmured “Send me that horizon” under his breath my heart sang. I know that feeling, I love that feeling, and with this shawl I want you to experience it too.

While working on the waves, I wanted to create something easier than I’m perhaps known for.  Yes, I realize that I’m known for patterns with complicated sections, because that’s what I like to knit.  But with this pattern I wanted something that you could take on an airplane or to a retreat, or that a beginning knitter could knit and learn new skills.  One of my test knitters was even a beginning knitter and he did a great job!

Use code PODCAST to get 25% off the pattern on Ravelry, that’s coupon code PODCAST and that is  bigger discount than the one listed in the pattern.  Enjoy!


Just started a new pair of socks for mom for Christmas, still on the toe of the first sock.

I’ve started a new project just for me. 

2nd Aggregate Shawl by JimiKnits, this one in Tencel yarn from Rhinebeck 2 years ago from Artisinal Yarns.


3 socks, Christmas socks for Thing 1 and Thing 2 and also a pair for my maid of honor all from Regia's Tutti Frutti II

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.  


All The Shawls.  SO cold and wet – “Novembruary”.

Both of the Changing Staircases, by Dragon Hoard Yarns, Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.  At Rhinebeck I wore Frosted by Lisa K Ross with my Pont du Marais shawl, and day 2 I wore Second Grace by Bristol Ivy with my Taking Flight Captain Marvel shawl.

Related – I’m mad that I can’t find my Tan House Brooke Shawl, a pattern by Jennifer Lassonde of Down Cellar Studios.  I’ve looked everywhere and just cannot find it.  Maybe I’ll have to knit another.

Rhinebeck Recap

All the fun for 2 whole days!

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