Episode 16 – 7/14/17

Nice to be back after taking last week off.  And thanks for your patience with the delay this week - Thing 1 woke up Tuesday with a high fever and needed his mommy.  Family always comes first.  Thank you very much for your patience while he recouperated - he's back to 100% and is being his happy, normal self again.

FOs, Wips, Stash, pattern stalking, out & about, On the run and In the Garden


Mommy’s Tunic – it’s done!  And just in time for the 2nd knit-a-long for SSK.  I had 3 hours to spare.  Unfortunately, it rained most of the day so it’s still wet.  I’m waiting for sun and less humid weather for it to dry.  Knit in Neve by Juniper Moon Farm, a chain-ply cotton.  It’s hollow so it’s light-weight.  While it’s called a worsted weight yarn, it can do 4.5 to 5.5 sts per inch so you can use it on DK projects too

Green Hitchiker shawl – Valley Yarns Greylocke 100% cashmere – Thanks to the delayed recording schedule, this is done!


Purple Hitchhiker shawl – Cascade Ultra Pima Fine in Periwinkle, still about 30%

Firebird by Romi Hill – k0% through chart 2.  Starting to be a little more lacey and interesting.  Using Egyptian Mercerized Cotton by Blue Heron Yarns in the Carnelian colorway

MIL hitchhiker – new, Christmas gift for MIL


Went to A Great Yarn in Chatham, MA, a combination yarn and book store.  A seriously great store that you should definitely check out.

Ito Kinu – 100% silk in the Hydrangea colorway.  A bright, rich pink that I think my mother-in-law will love; destined to be a hitchhiker shawl for her for Christmas

Plymouth Yarn Diversity in the Multi Blue Taupe colorway – navy, aqua, orange, taupe and white.  To be matching socks for my boys for Christmas

Akerworks stitch gauge – yes, I actually own one WOOHOO!  And yes, it’s as amazing as The Knit Girllls and other podcasters said it was.  I was hoping to track one down next week while in Tennessee, but I found one in Cape Cod, MA.  If you’re on the Cape head to A Great Yarn ASAP, they expect to sell out quickly.

Pattern Stalking

Emerald Deep – pattern for green yarn

Out and About

Just got back from a week on Cape Cod.  Thing 2’s birthday, 4th of July and date night with my husband

On the Run

I ran!  For the first time since January or February I actually ran!!!  It was only 30-second bursts of running followed by 90-second walks but it’s a start.  I’m taking things slow and steady so I don’t get another injury.

In the Garden

Picked sugar snap peas and gooseberries in the backyard.  Tomatoes are flourishing on the deck – lots of small fruit though none ripe.  Peppers are getting bigger.  Fresh basil, mint and lemon balm!


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