Episode 17 7/19/17

Short and sweet this week because I recorded 5 days ago and I’m leaving on a plane at 5am tomorrow.  But hey, one point of the podcast is to keep things short, right?

Linen Butterflies released! 

I released my newest pattern yesterday, Linen Butterflies.  Originally designed for my mom, it’s a linen lace sweater with a very simple lace pattern.  From now until July 25th it’s only $3.50


Empire top by lily go – frogtree picoboo discontinued

Firebird by romi hill – blue heron yarn’s Egyptian mercerized cotton


Stash Dash – roughly 1500m

PALKAL2017, through Actually Knitting

Out and about

SSK!  I leave for SSK tomorrow at 5am!  WOOHOO!!!

On the Run

I’ve run twice!  Still taking it slow and easy.  Feels so good to be running again


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