Episode 13 – Knitting Fail and 5Ks - 6/13/17

Segments this week include FOs, Wips, Knitting Fail, Pattern Stalking, Out and About, On the Run, In the Garden


Pink Hitchhiker – Cascade Ultra Pima Fine in Primrose 2 skeins, 248m

Blue Hitchhiker – Cascade Ultra Pima Fine in Colonial Blue, 2 skeins 248 m

Stash Dash total: 1186 meters


Stella Maris shawl – at very end of 2nd skein, started Chart 2

Empire Top – got the criss-cross bust part done and knit together but – more to follow in Knitting Fail

Green Hitchhiker – Valley Yarns Greylock 100% cashmere, about 75% done.  To the point where I can’t work on a full point at a time any more (I’m allergic to Cashmere) but I’m working on it a little each day

Cast on Purple Hitchhiker – cascade ultra pima fine in Deep Periwinkle – last in the 4 hitchhiker scarfs for my friend’s family.

Knitting Fail 4:47

Stella Maris - Started row 5 in Chart 2 and realized I’d dropped a stitch in row 3 or 4 and it had unraveled.  Thankfully I’d put a lifeline in the last row of Chart 1

Empire Top – way too big!!!  I got gauge, or super close – only off 1 st over 4 inches, but it’s still 2-3 inches too big.  I’m going to frog it and re-start.  On the up side, if I wait to re-start to the 20th of June I can participate in the Clors of Fall KAL with the Yarniacs – never had a chance to do a KAL with them before.  Can you tell I’m desperately looking ofr a bright side to wasting 500m of knitting during Stash Dash?

Pattern Stalking

Nordic Yoke Set Pullover from Yarnspirations – free pattern.  Thing 1 has asked my more than once to knit him a new sweater for the fall (He grew out of last year’s by January) – and since I’ll be knitting myself a colorwork sweater and his baby brother a colorwork hat, I decided to knit him a colorowk sweater too.  It calls for 3 colos of DK weight.  If I tweak the pattern to be 5 colors, then I have more than enough of Valley Yarns Longmeadow in my stash -  a discontinued cotton/acrylic blend that is machine washable

Star Wars Doubleknit Scarf by notanicedragon – free on Ravelry.  found this beauty while looking for sweater ideas for Thing 1 – I NEED TO MAKE THIS for my husband!  It is absolutely perfect for him.  I’ve never double knit, so I’m looking for classes.  Can anyone recommend one?  Craftsy must have one.

Out and About

Worldwide Knit in Public Day – knit at son’s karate class and at a farm where we took in-laws for ice cream

On the Run

I walked a 5k!  Walked, not run, but it’s a start.  Thing 1 has been asking to run a race with mommy and daddy, so we signed all 4 of us up for the Color Run at Gillette Stadium.  Original plan was Thing 1 to run with daddy and me to push Thing 2 in the jogging stroller with a plastic rain cover to put over it during the  “color” parts.  Because of the sudden high heat, plans changed.  Thing 1 and daddy ran 1k and then walked & rode in the footwell of the stroller about half the race but he had fun and Thing 2 had fun too, once we got moving.  He hated the corrall.  He even ended up green when some teenager took a handful of colored powder and threw it without looking.  It went right through the stroller cover.

In the Garden

Deck plants are thriving.  Garden plants still not too happy – we’re now back in the 90s again and they are not thrilled with the heat after weeks and weeks of cold rain.  Fingers crossed that when temps even out later this week they decide to grow.

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