Episode 76 – 4/1/20

Segment this week include Happy Podiversary, Be A Helper Craftalong, Wips, Learn Something New, Exercise in Isolation

Happy anniversary to Knitting On The Run podcast!  In all the recent craziness, I forgot that last week was my podiversary!  Three years down, hopefully many more to go!

Be a Helper Craftalong

4th Be A Helper Craft-a-long is ongoing! We keep the rules simple.

  • Anything you make for any charity counts, doesn’t have to be knit/crochet/woven or spun. ANYthing you make for ANY charity.
  • One FO per photo in the FO thread
  • Donating blood counts too - post a photo of your bandaid or of you drinking OJ afterwards, something like that.
  • FO Thread closes when I wake up April 1st.
  • Wips are welcome

Prizes Today:

  • 1 skein of Sock Yarn from A Great Yarn in Chatham, MA dyed exclusively for them by Hauteknits in the Finest Hours colorway, 75% merino, 25% nylon
    • 1 25g skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock plus a mini skein of handspun

Posts 2-34 were up through March 31st



South Woods – I’m continuing to work on the body in stockinette.  This has been my go-to knitting while the boys are home schooling.  I think I’m up to 6 or 7 inches, haven’t measured officially.

Ankle socks – a few more rows, still getting close to the 1st heal

Sassy Wrapitude – cast on for the Sassy Wrap by Megan Williams, got the pattern free from attending  Into the Wool.  Cast on with yellow CoBaSi by Hikoo and bamboo/cotton blend from Great Adirondack Yarn that I bought at Rhinebeck.

Ozone – swatching for the Colorful Sweater Ozone by Concept Creative – more on this later.

New shawl, can’t say much yet.  Yeah I have cast-on-it is

Learn Something New

About that ozone sweater I mentioned – it’s crochet not knitting!  

Exercise in Isolation

I haven’t been great in terms of keeping up with exercise this week.  I did something to my wrist so I’ve been taking it easy, but I wanted to go over what we’d been doing up until that point and what my kids are still doing.

Cosmic Kids Yoga – we started this the first day of school at home, even before we got official school work.  I did Cosmic Kids with my oldest when Thing 2 was born and I was so excited to find that she has kept releasing videos these last 4 years.

Karate – my boys take karate and their dojo has been sending out videos for the kids to do at home.  Our dojo hasn’t made them public but several have – if your kids want to try just search google or youtube and you’ll find some.

Running around – at recess I kick the boys outide and give them a time when they can come back in.  That gives me a few minutes alone without them and also gives them exercise as they usually run around outside.

Gardening – I like to grow food and gardening is definitely exercise!

Dance – I’ve done a few dance videos I’ve found online.  I love Broadway musicals and several cast members have been recording video at home, workouts set to the music of their shows, and some are a lot of fun!  I’ve also taken a ballet class or two.


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