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Knitting and running in 30 minutes or less

Episode 71 – Be A Helper Craftalong – we’ll go over the (simple) rules and some ideas for what you can make.


Be A Helper Craftalong

4th Be A Helper Craftalong has begun! We keep the rules simple.

  • Anything you make for any charity counts, doesn’t have to be knit/crochet/woven or spun. ANYthing you make for ANY charity.
  • One FO per photo in the FO thread
  • Donating blood counts too - post a photo of your bandaid or of you drinking OJ afterwards, something like that.
  • FO Thread closes when I wake up April 1st.
  • Wips are welcome


  • 1 skein of Sock Yarn from A Great Yarn in Chatham, MA dyed exclusively for them by Hauteknits in the Finest Hours colorway, 75% merino, 25% nylon
  • 1 25g skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock plus a mini skein of handspun
  • Spun to order handspun, by me. I have 2 or 3 colorways that I’ll let the winner choose for me to spin up.

Need some ideas? Check out these charities:

  • Preemie Hats – check with your local hospital for yarn requirements. These need to be washed in an industrial strength washing machine so there may be limits, many only accept acrylic/nylon. If your local hospital isn’t accepting hats, Dana from the Unwind Yarn Company collects them from her retreat attendees in the fall and I’ll be happy to collect them and mail them to her with my own in September. Greg, aka Knitting Daddy of the Unraveling podcast also has accepted mailed hats in the past for his local hospital.
  • Knitted Knockers– these are prostheses for breast cancer survivors who have not had or cannot have reconstructive surgery. Knockers must be made with plant based yarn – wool is too scratchy on scar tissue – and a list of acceptable yarns is linked in the shownotes available via PDF and there are top down and bottom-up patterns on their website.
  • Mother Bears– I learned of this charity from the 2 Knit Lit Chicks who run a Mother Bear KAL every year. These bears provide comfort to children who are victim of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. Mother Bear will snail mail you the knitting or crochet pattern for a small fee. All they ask is that you return the finished bear with $3 to cover the shipping to Africa.
  • KnitAid– has USA and UK branches. UK is currently collecting hats, mittens, blankets and water bottle covers.  All items must be knit in dark-colored yarn because the recipients will not be able to wash them easily.
  • CompassionKnit- Bay Area, CA charity that gives handknit items to foster kids, most of whom have very few belongings of their own. A gift knit especially for them, something a stranger took hours and hours to make just for them, is something they cherish.
  • Animal Rescue Craft Guild – knit, crochet or sew Joey pouches, bat wraps, nests, possum pouches, etc for animal survivors of the devastating wildfires in Australia. Before crafting, check the announcements on the FB page (linked in the show notes) as the graphic is updated with what they do and do not need.  They work closely with carers and animal rescue groups and update the graphic regularly.  Please be aware they currently have plenty of koala mittens but are in need of a lot of other help.
  • A Great Yarn in Chatham, MA runs an annual blanket project for the homeless population on Cape Cod. Use any washable worsted-weight yarn to make a panel 1-foot [30cm] by 6 feet [1.8 m] and drop it off or mail it to the shop, mailing address in show notes.  Their goal this year is 250 blankets.  A Great Yarn 894 Main Street Chatham, MA 02633
  • A local homeless shelter or domestic violence shelter. Please check with them before assuming they take items, but many are happy to accept gifts of socks, hats, scarves and mittens especially in the winter.
  • Do you have a charity craft idea that you think others would like to hear about? Let me know and I’ll talk about it on a future episode.

Out and About

Wayland Winter Farmers Market Fiber Days – Jan 26 & Mar 1

VKL NYC Jan 16-20

Stitches United - March 26-29, 2020

Knitting Weekend and Fiber Marketplace at Slater Mill -  Jan 11 & 12

Boston Farm & fiber Fest – Feb 9

Impromptu 2020

Episode 70

Segments this week include  Wips, FOs, Wearables, an Extended Out and About classroom visit, Goals for 2020


 Aggregate Shawl #2 deigned by JimiKnits knit up in Tencel yarn from Artisinal Yarns I bought at Rhinebeck several years ago.

Indie GAL project, turning an old skirt into a dress

A couple of designs I can't talk about


I finished 7 pairs of socks for Christmas gifts!  5 were kids, 2 grownups.  I love knitting gifts but I think I need to dial it back a little next year.


All the hand knits!  Winter has certainly arrived, I’m wearing hats daily, all the shawls, seaters such as Frosted by Lisa K Ross and Second Grace by Bristol Ivy

Out and About

Wayland Winter Farmers Market Fiber Days – Jan 26 & Mar 1

VKL NYC Jan 16-20

Stitches United - March 26-29, 2020

2nd grade class visit - teaching my son's class about how clothes are made by hand.  Boy do they appreciate being able to go to a store!

Goals for 2020

More design work, submit more designs to publications  also, take time to knit myself stuff

Fitness goals – realistic goals, go from 8 miles to 20 miles in the pool, eat more vegetables, hike a couple of times a month

New Years Day hike

Episode 69 Winter Yuck

I’m sitting in my new office in the middle of a 36-hour crazy storm.  Currently alternating between snow and sleet and I’m wrapped in several handknits so it’s a good time to record.  I should preface this – both kids are home and the cats are awake so we’ll see how well this recording goes…

Indy GAL 2019

It’s GAL time!  By the time this goes live the GAL sale will be done, but the knit-a-long/crochet-a-long will be in full sweing and it runs through December 31st!  There are over 200 very talented indy designers participating.  Each designer has to have at least 20 self-published paid-for patterns.  There are a lot of incredibly talented designers participating and looking through the threads at the patterns available has been a wonderful rabbit hole to go down.

All eligble patterns  click on Advanced Search then Patterns By These Designers to see the 22,000+ patterns that are eligible for the knitalong part. 

4th Be A Helper Craft A Long

Dec 15th – Feb 28th.  Anything you make for any charity or donating blood.  One FO/blood donation photo per post in the FO thread please (a photo of your bandaid or a selfie sipping OJ is fine).  This year there will additional chat participation prizes!  More details on the craftalong next week, but I wanted to get this info out there for you.

Upcoming Test Knits

2 upcoming test knits, both for shawls.  1 is a garter st shawl with a simple cable, the second is another shawl designed to use up scraps.


2ndAggregate shawl in Artisinal Yarn’s 100% Tencel from Rhinebeck 2 years ago

Starting the bodice of a dress.  Knit part of the Evenstar circular shawl as a skirt several years ago.  As part of the GAL I bought 2 bottom-up tank top patterns and I’m using one as the bodice of the dress.

Christmas socks for mom in Regia Tutti Frutti 2, cotton/elastic yarn in the Watermelon colorway

Making progress on my Star Wars costume – about 15 inches in out of 120.


Currently wearing Changing Staircases by DragonHoard Yarns in Fiber Lady’s Mousou, 100% bamboo yarn.

Wore Frosted by Paper Daisy Creations to Frozen 2 – gradient snowflakes

Second Grace by Bristol Ivy, colorwork yoke all in Berocco Modern Cotton

Episode 68 recording on 11/20/19 today’s segments include New Patterns, Wips, FOs, Wearables and Rhinebeck Recap.

Pattern Release

Send Me That Horizon launched on Monday. 

I’ve always loved the sea. I grew up near the ocean, with both sets of grandparents living a few dozen feet from the water. Playing on the beach, listening to the waves, sailing on a boat, hiking along ocean-side cliffs – I love anything involving the sea. But nothing is the same as being far from shore with no land in sight. I love seeing the horizon taper off to meet the ocean waves; so when I first watched the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie and Captain Jack Sparrow looked into the distance and murmured “Send me that horizon” under his breath my heart sang. I know that feeling, I love that feeling, and with this shawl I want you to experience it too.

While working on the waves, I wanted to create something easier than I’m perhaps known for.  Yes, I realize that I’m known for patterns with complicated sections, because that’s what I like to knit.  But with this pattern I wanted something that you could take on an airplane or to a retreat, or that a beginning knitter could knit and learn new skills.  One of my test knitters was even a beginning knitter and he did a great job!

Use code PODCAST to get 25% off the pattern on Ravelry, that’s coupon code PODCAST and that is  bigger discount than the one listed in the pattern.  Enjoy!


Just started a new pair of socks for mom for Christmas, still on the toe of the first sock.

I’ve started a new project just for me. 

2nd Aggregate Shawl by JimiKnits, this one in Tencel yarn from Rhinebeck 2 years ago from Artisinal Yarns.


3 socks, Christmas socks for Thing 1 and Thing 2 and also a pair for my maid of honor all from Regia's Tutti Frutti II

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.  


All The Shawls.  SO cold and wet – “Novembruary”.

Both of the Changing Staircases, by Dragon Hoard Yarns, Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.  At Rhinebeck I wore Frosted by Lisa K Ross with my Pont du Marais shawl, and day 2 I wore Second Grace by Bristol Ivy with my Taking Flight Captain Marvel shawl.

Related – I’m mad that I can’t find my Tan House Brooke Shawl, a pattern by Jennifer Lassonde of Down Cellar Studios.  I’ve looked everywhere and just cannot find it.  Maybe I’ll have to knit another.

Rhinebeck Recap

All the fun for 2 whole days!

Episode 67 – Get Ready for Rhinebeck

Segments this week include – Wips, FOs, Knitting Fail, Wearables and Out and About – getting ready for Rhinebeck edition

Quick reminder, Pont du Marais shawl is on sale for podcast listeners – use code FOG to get 30% off through Friday, 10/18


Christmas socks for Thing 2 – finished 1st, turned heel this morning for 2nd.

A few rows on the latest Hitchhiker – then I put it down and decided to save it for Rhinebeck Knitting.


Taking Flight – done and blocking, needs ends woven in

Knitting Fail

What happens when you finish a sock at Legoland... and have nothing to cut the yarn so you can start the 2nd?


Mommy’s Tunic – one of my patterns, knit in the discontinued Be Sweet Bamboo.  Wore this on a recent warm day

Empire Tunic by Lily Go made in discontinued Frog Tree Picoboo, a cotton bamboo blend.  ¾ sleeve tunic that crosses over the bust, perfect for the in-between fall weather and leggings

Changing Staircases 2 – designed by Dragon Hoard Yarns and knit up in Great Adirondack Yarn bamboo/cotton blend that I picked up at Rhinebeck last year

Changing Staircases – knit up in Fiber Lady’s Mousou 100% Bamboo

Out and About

Rhinebeck!  New York Sheep & Wool Starts Thursday 10/17 – Sunday 10/20 at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY.  In a minute I’m going to go over some Tips For First Timers, but first lets do logistics.  I will be there Saturday and Sunday likely almost all day both days.  Feel free to stop me and say “Hi!” if you see me.  On Saturday I will be at the Ravelry Meetup at noon on The Hill, and at the Podcaster meetup at 1, also on The Hill.  On Sunday I will be at the Leaping Llama Contest in Bldg 34 at 11:15, and possibly at the Ravelry Meetup right afterwards, depending on timing.  The rest of the time I’ll be walking around, shopping, knitting, spinning and soaking up the general awesomeness.

Terminology – I’ve already used some words you might not understand if you haven’t been before

  • The Hill – there are several small hills on the property and this confused me so much the first year I went. Look at the fairgrounds map – The Hill is just above the petting zoo.  It’s a wide open hillside where lots of folks can gather
  • The Buildings – shorthand for Buildings A, B, C, D and 41 which is really one large building divided into sections. Sometimes also refers to Building E, the food hall
  • The Barns – a group of much smaller, free standing, well, barns, on the far side from The Buildings. Building 22 has Upper and Lower levels (separate entrances), the rest are all 1 story

Food – lines are crazy from 11:30 to 2 – eat before or after if you can.  

Link to Map

Seating – there are lots of places to sit, scattered around.  However, if you have issues with mobility, bring a chair in your car and have someone in your party go get it for you.  The paths or paved, but the fairground is all small hills.  Sit down if you need to, it’s not worth getting hurt.  

Bags – try not to bring a backpack.  I made this mistake the first year, and you keep bumping into people by accident, it’s not worth it.  

Book Signings & Author Talks – lots of fiber authors there, check out the link in the shownotes and make a note of who you want to see.

On a related note – Make A List On Paper!  - Check out the list of vendors (link to searchable page) Cell phone signal is spotty.  Don’t count on having it – write down what you want to do, what time it is and where it is.  Speaking of spotty cell signal – it affects the vendors too.  If you have cash you won’t be stuck waiting while the vendor tries to process your card – and some of the bigger vendors will have a fast Cash-Only line.

What am I bringing?

  • Purse & 2 resuable shopping bags
  • Water bottles – large one for the car, smaller one for carrying around in my purse.
  • Larabars or healthy snack to combat the junkfood lol
  • Cash
  • Easy knitting – hitchhiker or a sock or both for walking around
  • Intermediate knitting for hanging out with friends and dinner, etc
  • Drop spindle and fiber
  • Folding Chair
  • Spinning Wheel & fiber for if I get tired and need to sit for a while


What am I wearing?

Haven’t decided yet, probably my Frosted sweater by Lisa K Ross or Dancing Dragons Coat by Heike Campbell over a Mommy’s Tunic or Second Grace by Bristol Ivy.  I’ll probably have a shawl each day as well and maybe a hat or mitts.  I’ll have layers underneath to keep warm because I am always cold.  I will probably wear warm, well-loved boots the first day and sneakers the second

Episode 66

Designer Notes, Wips, FOs, Spinning, Out and About, On the Run

Designer Notes

Pont du Marais Shawl released today, October 11!  Inspired by the epic fog in my grandmother’s village and named for one of the foggiest places therein (literally, it means Bridge at the Marsh). I can’t wait to share this easy, fun pattern with you. When I first saw this skein of color-changing yarn from @wollesyarn at #VKLNYC last January I knew I wanted to make this shawl, showcasing the fog and waves that I love about Nova Scotia.

Pronunciation – Nova Scotia versus France.

30% off for podcast listeners with code ONTHERUN through Friday, 10/18.


Taking Flight – Captain Marvel inspired shawl by Katherine Belisle.  I’ve been trying to finish up the applied lace edging to I can wear this beauty to Rhinebeck because it’s beautiful!  I am ¾ done.  Knitting this up in discontinued Longmeadow from Webs (red and blue) and Berocco Modern Cotton (yellow).

A new sleeveless top in silk, just started the sample, long ways to go.


Aggregate Shawl by #jimiknits Jiminez Joseph for the #BIPOCMAL2019 I love this pattern and I can already tell I’ll be knitting this one again in a thicker weight yarn for winter wear.

New Rent-inspired shawl pattern.  For those of you at ITW, this is the gray and pink shawl that you saw me working on.  I’ll be sending it to the tech editor soon then opening it up for test knitters.


I spun Alpaca for the first time.  Rolags and spinning directly from the locks.  First time using regular flyer I think!

Out and About

Rhinebeck in just over a week!  I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday.  Come find me and say hi! 

On the Run – Back Stretching edition

Regular listeners will recall that I threw my back out late last winter pretty badly.  It was a just a muscle pull, thankfully nothing worse.  But I learned some great warm up stretches that really helped get mobility in my spine back.  I still use them periodically when I feel knots in my back muscles starting to form again and they still help.

Episode 65: Summer is Over

Segments include: FOs, Wips, Out and About:Into The Wool edition; On The Run


3 shawls!  I finished 3 shawl samples since I last recorded, one of which will be launching next week keep an eye on social media for details on the Pont du Marais shawl, inspired by the fog in my grandmother’s village.


Aggregate Shawl – my first piece for the BIPOCMAL2019, this pattern is designed by JimiKnits and I’m knitting it in two colors of handspun.  I am nearly done, hoping to finish today.

Hitchhiker – my 10th (I think?) hitchhiker, in Serenity Garden Sport yarn, some very old stash.  I just started the 3rd skein – debating whether it will be 3 or 4 skeins.

Another shawl sample for an upcoming pattern; my 3rd Rent inspired pattern _Into the Wool folks – this is the one with the pink and gray braid you were commenting on.  I promised to keep them posted on this pattern.

Triyang – by Lee Meredith - still chugging away.  Laceweight on size 0 needles this is going to take forever and I am ok with that, it will be gorgeous when complete

Go With The Flo – Over halfway done.  May tweak this pattern.  Don’t have enough yarn to make the whole thing one color.  Debating making the central lace panel a different color or skipping it altogether.


Continuing my first sweater spin.  About 4.25 oz left.  I realized I had 5 oz left and I’m trying to squeeze it onto 3 bobbins by overstuffing them.

Out and About:


Rhinebeck! Oct 19th and 20th; I’ll be there both Saturday and Sunday this year.

I can’t make these, but maybe some of you can:

VT Sheep and Wool – Oct 5&6

Fiber Festival of New England – Nov 2-3

Into The Wool


I’ll spare you a complete blow-by-blow of the whole weekend but I highly recommend Into The Wool.  If you’ve been on the fence, or were worried about going alone to a retreat I say, go for it!  These women are amazing and super welcoming.  I definitely want to go back.  I can’t go next year, as it starts on my 15th wedding anniversary, but in the future I will go again.

On The Run

We’ll save the whole fitness segment for next week, but I have been doing very well at making fitness a habit again.  

Episode 64

Segments include Tour de Fleece, Wips, Knitting Fail, On the Run,  Stash Acquisition, Out & About

Tour de Fleece

This is my second Tour de Fleece!


New socks knit in Plymouth Yarn Diversity in the Violets colorways.  Picked the yarn up last week at A Great Yarn in Chatham, MA.  I needed something on smaller needles – I seem to be only using US 4s or 5s and it was just too much.  Started the toe, but the wooden needles I bought were too sticky for this yarn.

Sea-themed shawl I mentioned last week.

My third Rent-themed pattern, a shawl with 2 color cables.  Yes, that’s a cable using 2 different color yarns within the cable.  That sounds hard, but if you learn one simple trick they are SO EASY!  I can’t believe more people don’t use this technique.  I would call this technique intarsia-adjacent, but much simpler than how I learned intarsia.  For the record, I am not a big intarsia fan, but I do really enjoy these 2 color cables.

Knitting Fail

Photoshoot fail – tried to have a sunset photoshoot at the beach last Saturday and it turns out a front came through and there were 30mph winds!

On The Road

Spent a week at my parent’s place on Cape Cod, lots of fun, lots of beach.  Thing 1’s arm is doing much, much better and while not able to swim he was able to splash in the water, build sandcastles with help, go on some flat hikes.

Yesterday, I tried to take a self-care day.  I’d been planning this day for months, then Thing 1 broke a bone, so he came with me.  We drove an hour to a “local” yarn and fiber shop The Fiber Loft. 

Stash Acquisition

From The Fiber Loft I got 1lb of cotton sliver that I am going to attempt dying.  I also got some beautiful green speckled fiber from Buchanan Fibers and a skein of silk/linen blend in blues and purples for an upcoming shawl.

And yesterday, my very first Akerworks bobbins arrived!  I can’t wait to try these.  I’m going to use it for my 2nd bobbin in Tour de Fleece.

Out and About

In August I will be spending a week in Nova Scotia, Canada visiting family and I can’t wait!

September 19-22 I will be attending Into The Wool fiber retreat in Crossville, TN run by Dana from Unwind Yarn Company and Tiffany, aka The Project Bag.  So looking forward to this!

Rhinebeck!  For the first time I will be going both Saturday and Sunday.  This is my first time driving myself to the fairgrounds, that is, not being dropped off by family or taking the Webs bus, so if you have any parking tips I’d love to hear them.

Not sure if I’ll be attending these next 2 but I hope to:

Vermont Sheep and Wool, Oct 5 & 6

Fiber Festival of New England, Nov 2 & 3 at the Big E out near Springfield, MA

It’s good to be back!  Thank you for your patience!  

Pattern Release

My Only Goal Is Just To Be Shawl, inspired by the musical Rent.  Rent came out when I was 15 and had a huge influence on me.  It taught me the value of not just surviving but of truly living even through the most difficult times.  Few of us control where our life takes us. Indeed, the threads of our lives often go in unexpected directions – ups and downs, maybe even sideways or along an unexpected diagonal. Inspired by lyrics from the song “No Day But Today” from the musical Rent, this shawl lets you show your story. The shawl is knit in the main color first using an easy-to-memorize lace pattern, then the thread of your life is wound through the lace in a contrasting color, showing your story.

Use code PODCAST19 to get 25% off at checkout on Ravelry. 

Out Tonight Top


3 preemie hats in a variety of sizes.  Working on the larger, almost full term ones mostly

New shawl, doesn’t have a name yet, inspired by the fog rolling in off the ocean in my grandmother’s village.  It’s a 6-mile long thin peninsula, so the fog there is EPIC


Preemie hat – full term size

Preemie hat – 36 weeks preemie size

New shawl pattern, based on being out in the open ocean. 

Another Rent shawl, this one incorporating cables and garter stitch.

Hitchhiker Shawl by Martina Behm.  This is my travel knitting for when we go somewhere and I’m not sure they’ll allow knitting needles.  I use detachable wooden tips, which are far less scary than my normal steel-tipped Karbonz needles lol

Knitting Fail

 Watched So You Think You Can Dance a bit too closely and screwed up my own pattern 

62 - Walk

Episode 62 – Thanks for tuning in!  Trying the mic in a new location today so hopefully the sound quality will continue improving.


First, new pattern launch!  Last Saturday I released the new Strawberry Blossoms pattern.  This pattern is very dear to me.  As you may remember, I hurt my hand last year and for a while I couldn’t knit at all, let alone design knitwear.  But like the wild yellow strawberries that grow in my backyard in the worlds worst soil (shady, acidic, clay) I hung on.  Not just clinging to the soil, I’m back and I’m blooming!  If you’re interested in this pattern listen to the episode for a special listeners-only discount code!

Test Knitters Wanted

Go to to subscribe to my test knitters email list – I promise to never sell your data or to spam you; you will only be contacted about upcoming test knitting opportunities.

This week I will be starting a test knit for a laceweight shawl that is stockinette st and simple lace.  The lace is a 4-row repeat that is very easy to remember.  So easy, in fact, that this shawl became my knitting of choice for my kids’ karate and swimming lessons.  Shawl was inspired by the musical Rent, which had a huge impact on me as a teen.

2nd is a laceweight cowl, heading to the tech editor today. This one has a lot of meaning too.  A few years back, a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer.  My then-4-year-old and I together designed this cowl for her.  I pulled out all my silk yarn and let him pick the yarn.  Then the two of us poured through my stitch dictionaries and he picked an arrowhead lace pattern.  I knit it up and gave it to her to keep warm and strong during her treatments.  Fast forward to this year and I’ve adapted that original pattern to have a second, longer size for those who like to double-wrap their cowls or wear them long.


2 preemie hats, both in Berocco Comfort Sock.  One held single, one held double.


Another preemie hats, one held single, one held double and both in Berocco Comfort Sock

2 shawl samples on the needles, can’t share too much yet.  One is inspired by the swirling fog in my grandparent’s village, the other is a new use-up-your-stash shawl.


Spring has fighting to warm up, but it’s not totally successful.  Still wearing a lot of shawls to keep the chill away.  Rhinebeck, murder mystery knit along, tan house brook, changing staircases,

Out and About

  • I will be at: CT sheep and wool April 27 Vernon, CT
  • I will not be at: Sheepshearing festival, Gore Place, April 27th, Waltham, MA

Not sure yet about attending these:

  • NH SHeel & Wool May 11-12
  • Wool Days, Old Sturbridge Village, May 25-27
  • MA sheep and woolcraft fair, May 25 Cummington, MA

Will be attending

  • September – Into the Wool Fiber Retreat in Tennessee

On the Run

Still in PT but lots of walking




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